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Improving Access to Care: Advanced Primary Care Featured Image

Improving Access to Care: Advanced Primary Care

Lack of access to quality primary care is one of the biggest drivers of health care costs.

Without access, medical conditions are more likely to progress to advanced stages, giving patients no other option than to turn to expensive emergency room care for non-emergency issues.

Poorly managed conditions and inadequate follow-up to care also lead to increased hospitalizations and higher health care costs.

To address these issues, Custom Design Benefits introduced a partnership with Tri-DPC several  years ago. Now we’re excited to add Everside Health to our family of partners for direct primary care in a near-site clinic setting.

With the Everside Health model, employers pay a fixed cost per employee for nearly unlimited access to primary care providers at conveniently located near-site health centers. This approach allows members to receive convenient, low- or no-cost access to physicians and 24/7 virtual care, reducing the need for costly emergency room use.

Since launching in December 2021, Everside Health has opened 31 shared employer clinics  across Ohio.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care with Everside Health

  • More personalized appointments
  • More time with the doctor for better doctor-patient relationships
  • Same day or next-day appointments/reduced wait time for care
  • Affordable pricing
  • Emphasis on preventative care to reduce the need for costly treatments down the road
  • No copays or deductibles
  • Convenient locations
  • Medications dispensed on site

Want more information about near-site clinics? Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

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