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Spring 2023 Benefits News Roundup Featured Image

Spring 2023 Benefits News Roundup

From reference-based pricing to Ted Lasso and mental health, here’s a look at some of the headlines and issues that are impacting health care and benefit plans.

The Fiduciary Imperative of Reference-Based Pricing

Given the demonstrated cost-control benefits of reference-based pricing (RBP) in recent years (and the federal government’s endorsement), chief financial officers, vice presidents, human resources, and other plan fiduciaries now have an obligation to evaluate the incorporation of RBP into their health benefit plans.

Click here to read the full article arguing why it is now virtually impossible for a plan fiduciary to discharge their duties in accordance with ERISA without considering RBP.

 Majority of Advertised Drugs Do Not Have ‘High Therapeutic Value’

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that the drugs we often see advertised on television have little to no benefit compared to other treatments, despite their influence on patients and doctors.

Some key insights from the study include:

  • $16 billion out of $22 billion in TV ad spending went to medications that were considered “low benefit.”
  • Nearly three out of four Americans (72%) have seen or heard an advertisement for prescription drugs.
  • One in seven people talk to their doctor after seeing a drug advertisement, and more than half of those (55%) will receive a prescription for the medication.

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What Ted Lasso Can Teach Us About Mental Health in the Workplace

What lessons can HR professionals learn from watching the Apple TV+ hit comedy series?

From dealing with panic attacks and anxiety, to depression and anger, the show tackles some common mental health issues that employees face each and every day. The cast even recently appeared at a press conference on the subject at the White House.

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