Our Brokers

Our Brokers

One principle guides our business - providing the best possible service.

Custom Design Benefits is completely broker-driven and we do not market directly to employers nor do we accept any commissions. Our services are designed so that we partner with you to serve clients. We recognize your role as key to a client's success as well as our own.

Our solution-based services can be provided standalone or in conjunction with others.

In addition to the services we offer, we further support our brokers with:

  • Stop Loss Marketing (we collect 0% commission)
  • Self-Funded Expertise & Marketing Tools
  • Expertise with Section 125 (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts
  • Employee Meeting Support
  • Plan Design Recommendations
  • Online Reporting. Our brokers and their clients have access to online reporting allowing them to generate standard and custom reports as needed. Plan Modeling also helps predict costs based on plan changes.

Our Target Market

Our target market is employers with 5 to 10,000 employee lives. We service a variety of industries and have employee lives throughout the United States. Most of our clients are headquartered in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Our Stop Loss Carrier Partners

Wherever possible, we prefer to work with our Stop Loss Partners. However, we recognize that our Brokers may have preferred partners as well. We are happy to review other stop loss carriers upon request. Please note that Custom Design Benefits does not retain any portion of Stop Loss Commissions but we reserve the right to charge a fee for coordinating with some Stop Loss Carriers who are not on our list.

Information Needed to Quote

We welcome your Requests for Proposal (RFPs). We appreciate when our brokers give us feedback on opportunities before, during and after the bidding process. Need to know what to supply for a self-funded quote?

Click for a comprehensive RFP Checklist.

Click here to Discover the Benefits of Self-Funding (Video).