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Your HealthcareBank HSA

We are pleased to offer you a tax-advantaged savings account that is used in combination with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and gives you a new way to manage healthcare costs. You can use the HSA funds to cover qualified medical expenses - from co-payments at the doctor's office to pharmacy bills, dental care, vision care, and more.

How does the HealthcareBank HSA work?
You and/or your employer deposit money into your HSA account to pay for qualified medical expenses.
How much should I contribute?
Use these tools and calculators to make an informed decision about your Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to most of your questions about HSAs and your HealthcareBank HSA.
What are Qualified Expenses?
A guide for the most commonly used items plus links to lists of all qualified expenses.

About HealthcareBank

HealthcareBank, one of the top 10 health savings account (HSA) custodians in the U.S., offers privately labeled HSAs.

With experience dating from the inception of HSAs, the HealthcareBank team offers unique insights into the growth of consumer-driven healthcare and how we can best serve our partners.

Currently, more than 100 partners offer industry-leading HSAs through HealthcareBank, serving more than 450,000 accounts and over $650 million in HSA deposits.

Headquartered in Fargo, N.D., HealthcareBank is a division of Bell State Bank & Trust, the largest independently owned bank in the Upper Midwest, with more than $3.6 billion in assets and more than $4.8 billion in investment assets under management.

Health Savings Account Investments

HealthcareBank has chosen Devenir, a leading HSA investment advisor, as its partner in selecting top performing investment options and making sure our HSAs offer competitive mutual fund returns under a sound investment policy.

About Devenir

Devenir Investment Advisors, based in Minneapolis, Minn., is a leading advisor and consultant on investment plans specifically for HSAs. Devenir's experts offer unique perspectives and a first-class selection of competitive, stable mutual fund options for HSA participants.

Guiding Investment Principles

HealthcareBank and Devenir provide a well-diversified mix of investment options with potential to generate long-term returns for HSAs. This cost-effective platform of mutual funds offers competitive historical returns and allows participants to choose funds based on their risk tolerance.

  • Liquidity - HSA program sets a minimum level of cash equivalents to maintain in the HSA to qualify for investment options
  • Diversification - HSA program includes diversified investment options with materially different risk and return characteristics
    • Diverse asset classes and investment categories
    • May include at least one passive fund (e.g.,indexfund)
    • Advisor determines permitted mutual fund types
    • Advisoral so determines prohibited asset classes or security types

HealthcareBank and Devenir conduct ongoing due diligence of mutual funds, with under performing or out-of-favor funds removed from eligibility if they do not meet our investment criteria. At that time, additional mutual funds may be added, and all HSA participants will be able to invest in the new funds.

Fund Selection Process

We use a disciplined, top-down approach focused on choosing superior investments within each asset class for our client portfolios.