Your TrueCost Plan

We all know that the cost of healthcare continues to increase. With aTrueCost plan, you can ensure that your provider is being reimbursed a fair and reasonable amount by your plan. TrueCost reimburses providers an appropriate amount based upon a set fee schedule. Many physicians consider this rate to be fair and will accept patients who are covered by TrueCost.

TrueCost offers you the flexibility to choose your provider as an informed healthcare consumer. You can discuss with your doctor's office if they will accept TrueCost or refer them to your Patient Advocate with questions.

Some providers may not accept TrueCost directly. If a healthcare provider, hospital or other facility informs you that they do not accept TrueCost and will treat you as a 'self-pay' patient, download our TrueCost information sheet for instructions on how to submit your claim.

If the amount of reimbursement is less than the amount you are balance billed by the provider, we encourge you to contact your Patient Advocate through Custom Design Benefits. We will be able to give you advice on whether or not to pay the difference or if an alternative rate can be negotiated with the provider.

You are required to pay the appropriate co-pays and/or deductibles called for in your plan. But do not automatically pay additional funds out-of-pocket without consulting Custom Design Benefits.

If you have any questions about providers who accept the plan or TrueCost reimbursement rates, you can contact a Patient Advocate at 1-855-598-TRUE (8783).

Finding a Provider

Providers have contacted Custom Design Benefits directly to let us know they are happy to take patients under this plan.

Contact your Patient Advocate through Custom Design Benefits to:

  • Request information about providers who accept the plan
  • Request information about the TrueCost reimbursement rates for specific procedures