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How Your TrueCost Plan Works

TrueCost is a unique copay-only plan that makes it easier to understand what health care expenses are covered and what you owe. Watch our TrueCost video series to learn how you can get the most out of your plan.

What Is True Cost?

All About the TrueCost ID Card

How to Use Your TrueCost Plan

Get more detailed information on TrueCost and instructions for submitting a claim.

TrueCost Plan Information

Using Your Hybrid Insurance Plan (HIP)

If you have a Hybrid Insurance Plan (HIP), this video will teach you how to use your HIP ID card and how the payment process works.

Learn More About Our HIP Plan

Get more detailed information on your HIP plan.

HIP Plan Information


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How to & Frequently Used Forms

Frequently Asked Questions & Plan Information

Health Care Terms Explained

We know health care can be a little complicated, but we’re working to change that. Download our Health Care Glossary to understand important terms and acronyms.

Health Care Glossary

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